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Physical Fitness: How To Build It

Physical Fitness: How To Build It

Schedule: This is a 1-hour class. (Could be longer, if we schedule it.)

Format: Lecture with some class participation.

Cost: $20 per person for a group class of 4 or more students; $80 for one-on-one session. (Cost will vary for sessions longer than one hour. Contact Michael for detials.)

Payment options: Payments can be made via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, cash, or check.

Materials: Pencil and paper.

For more details or to schedule a class, contact Michael by email at or by phone at 281-770-2276.

Class Description.

Too many people go after fitness without considering how to get where they want to go. They jump into things. This philosophy keeps people from reaching their goals, gets people frustrated, and gets people hurt. Injuries happen to us all, but often they come from poorly-designed programming and training.

We do best when we do things logically and safely. No injury ever helped anyone advance their fitness goals. The idea is to avoid injury, not seek it. The idea is to build, not break. Football. Volleyball. LaCrosse. Martial Arts. Baseball. Walker. Hiker. Runner. Beginner. And all in between.

We need to consider:
How should we breath?
What are some principles of good training?
What are some principles of good programming?
What are some specific exercises that help us?
What are good places to exercise?
How can we make and keep ourselves strong and functional?
Why does exercise even matter?
How should we think about fitness?

In this class, we will discuss some ideas and principles you can use to better train and reach your fitness goals. We will talk a little, do some Q&A, maybe takes some notes, move a little, and learn a lot. Class topics will vary based on student interest and background, and because the topic of “best practices in fitness” is so broad and deep.

Learning Goals.
To know some dietary factors that boost our immune system.
To know the importance of sleep to health and well-being.
To know some basics about how vaccines work in relation to our biology and immune system.
To know some lifestyle factors that help you be healthier.
To know some ecological factors that help you be healthier.

“My 13 year old was slightly reluctant – as I signed him up without his input. He thought the session was beneficial and was happy that he participated. I’ve been looking at the follow up information from Michael, and it is very impressive.”
–Tc C., Outschool parent “Physical Fitness: How To Build It,” 25 Mar 2020

“Michael was truly a gem as an instructor! I loved the methods that were taught, his patience, and the simplicity to how everything was applied! I learned so much in a few hours!”
–Brion R, Massage Therapist (LMT), about a one-day MovNat Elements Workshop, Nov 2021

“Gold Academy is an experience unlike anything I was expecting. Coming from a background of physical contact sports such as hockey and football, I wanted to get myself back into form, without a florescent lighting tan, without aggravating previous injuries from the glory days. Being outside was the greatest reward, and the challenge I was looking for. Michael was with me every step of the way, building routines for with me and for me, helping me to build my body correctly and avoid injuries. This is not a boot camp for those who need someone mindlessly yelling in your face. This was an in depth structured experience, for me to be my own drill sergeant, because that is where true success lies, in becoming the best version of yourself. Starting off simply, then constantly challenging yourself to master simplicity, until your skills are your foundation. This a custom tailored experience, and I recommend Michael’s expertise and logical approach. Be prepared to learn with Michael, he’s a great teacher and an invaluable resource of knowledge. Be prepared to be immersed in nature. Be prepared to bring your mind, body, diet, and thinking to new levels. I recommend the Gold Academy experience for all those looking to build the best self version they achieve. Get out of the box and get involved!”
–Matthew Hines, entrepreneur, 2017

“Michael Gold is an awesome trainer. His workouts are designed to improve all elements of fitness: coordination, strength, stamina, mobility, just to name a few. Back in college I did a year of CrossFit and later on went through weight lifting programs with trainers at my gym. Michael has definitely been #1 when it came to proper form and joint/ligament strengthening. I trained with Michael for about 7 months and I saw huge improvements in my endurance and fitness. I felt better overall and even had some surprising benefits. I now effortlessly make baskets when throwing paper into my garbage bin, whereas, before working with Michael, I would always miss. And I am now much more aware of my environment, which especially helps when driving. He is big on safety and makes sure he trains to match people’s fitness levels whatever they may be. I would definitely recommend him to anyone trying to improve their fitness and well-being in whatever capacity.
–Joseph S, business professional, 2019

I am shocked at how strong and balanced I am. I think about it all throughout the day. When I walk, I feel like I glide. I’m squatting all the time for fun now. AND I can touch my toes — never able to do that before. Only very sorry I didn’t invest in my overall physical health and wellness SOONER! Thank you for being a great trainer!”
–Elizabeth M, teacher and a (MovNat) fitness client I’ve worked with for about two months, Jan 2022