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High School Athlete Fitness

High School Athlete Fitness

A fitness class for high school athletes. We will go beyond anything you’ve done to hit the general and specific skills and strengths you need to be good at your sport and beyond. We will aim to strengthen weaknesses, eliminate imbalances, improve biomechanics, increase efficiencies, and give you some fitness longevity. 

Wear fitness clothes that do not impair mobility; bring a towel and water. 

$20 per person per class or $70 per person per month. Payments can be made via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, cash, or check.

For more details or to schedule a class, contact Michael by email at or by phone at 281-770-2276.

“Michael was truly a gem as an instructor! I loved the methods that were taught, his patience, and the simplicity to how everything was applied! I learned so much in a few hours!”
–Brion R, Massage Therapist (LMT), about a one-day MovNat Elements Workshop, Nov 2021

“Exercising in the woods with Michael has benefited me more than any other type of workout that I have done with any trainer. The more I work out with Michael, the more I learn about my physical/mental strengths and weaknesses, and about nutrition for athletic performance and good health. Ultimately, strengthening and conditioning is my goal. I enjoy the natural movements and the unlimited amount of exercises that Michael routinely exhibits in the outdoors. Climbing trees, carrying logs and asymmetrical objects, learning to balance on uneven surfaces, and strengthening ligaments, rather than just muscles, are unique exercises Michael utilizes. He is more than just your typical trainer as he covers your overall well-being. I am a freshman on the LSU football team and can attest that Michael is an excellent strength coach, and he knows more about diet and nutrition than any other trainer I know.”
–Carlton S, high school and college student, 2018