Total Human Fitness
Home School P.E. 

Home School P.E. 

“Excellent and nice coach. Your kid will learn and enjoy very much!”
–Gabby T., Outschool parent, “Functional Fitness (Half Hour Group Class),” 31 May 2020

A physical education class for homeschoolers, junior high and high school. A class that will challenge and improve students of all levels. We will improve strength and real-world physical competence through skill-based training and practical functional fitness: lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, crawling, ground work, jumping, running, balance, and more. We will train both indoors and outdoors (outdoors when weather permits).

Wear fitness clothes that do not impair mobility; bring a towel and water.  Payments can be made via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, cash, or check.

For more details or to schedule a class, contact Michael by email at or by phone at 281-770-2276.

“My daughter loves to run but has never had anyone explain the best way to do it in order to get the most out of it and avoid injury, etc. This was the perfect class for her. As soon as she was finished, she demanded I take her out for a run so she could try out some of the tips and tricks she learned. Good class!”
–Jennifer M., Outschool parent, “Physical Fitness: Good Running Technique,” 26 Mar 2020

“My son absolutely loves this class!!”
–Tamara B., Outschool parent, “Functional Fitness (Half Hour Group Class),” 6 Apr 2020

“My 13 year old was slightly reluctant – as I signed him up without his input. He thought the session was beneficial and was happy that he participated. I’ve been looking at the follow up information from Michael, and it is very impressive.”
–Tc C., Outschool parent “Physical Fitness: How To Build It,” 25 Mar 2020

“My daughter was able to “teach back” lots of good running tips and clearly was very engaged throughout the class. She’s looking forward to implementing what she learned in the coming days.”
–Sirid, Outschool parent, “Physical Fitness: Good Running Technique,” 27 Feb 2020

“My 12-year-old grandson considers functional fitness to be enjoyable and useful. He particularly appreciates this instructor’s approach.”
–Donna K., Outschool grandparent, “Functional Fitness (One Hour Group Class
),” 19 Jun 2020

“My son, who loves running and doing track really enjoyed this class and was excited to share some of the new tips that he learned.”
–Amanda R., Outschool parent, “Physical Fitness
: Good Running Technique,” 28 Mar 2020

“My son loved this class! It is a very different type of exercise using functional movement. He thought it was very creative and fun. Kids who don’t love vigorous exercise but want to get moving would like this one I think.”
–An Outschool parent “Functional Fitness (Half Hour Group Class),” 4 Jun 2020